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Parent participation is crucial to the overall success of our GYFA Organization.  There are a variety of activities in which parents can participate and help us out with.  From announcing the games, team managers, working our concession stands, taking videos or pictures of our games.

Below is a list with a brief description of some of the volunteer roles. In an attempt to provide parents with a sense of what each role entails, please read the following list of Volunteer Job Descriptions and contact your team or squad manager if you'd like to help. And, THANK YOU!!

Assistant Coaches - Assist the head coach with plays, practices, monitoring the minimum play requirement, keeping tabs on players, enforcing team rules.

Team Manager(s) - The team manager is the coaches "right hand" and works closely with the team distributing team and individual materials (i.e) picture day material, game time and location flyers and other information as requested by the coach. The key responsibility is to ensure that parents are kept informed.

Chain Crew - This group of parents will be assigned to work at home games only. Two people will be required to move the chains that indicate first down yardage requirements and one person will be needed to move the down marker. The down marker indicates downs and is placed along the chain so that it approximates the line of scrimmage.

Videographer - The team's videographer is a vital person to the success of the team.  Without a good videographer our coaches would be at a distinct disadvantage in their preparations.  You get the best view of the game and have the benefit of knowing you played a vital role in the success of our teams.  For resources on how to properly video a game, please check out these resources:  HOW TO FILM FOOTBALL; HUDL, GUIDE FOR VIDOEGRAPHERS.

Game Announcers - Three game announcers are needed in the press box for each home game. The duties include: an announcer who provides commentary over the loudspeaker system; one person who operates the official scoreboard clock and also a person to act as a spotter for the game announcer. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS AREA.

Please note that in an attempt to maintain the peace with the neighboring communities, we are obliged to follow strict guidelines relating to early games. These guidelines are posted in the press box.

Concession Stand - Concession Stand volunteers sell food to patrons at home games. Grill cooks are also needed to cook hamburgers and hotdogs as needed. NO CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN HIGH SCHOOL AGE ARE ALLOWED IN THE CONCESSION BUILDING.