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How many plays will my child be in during the game?
Football is a competitive sport. In order to instill confidence and promote a team environment we play to WIN! While it is true that the most skilled players will see more play time, hard work and discipline is recognized and rewarded. This structure is only a minimum standard, your child can gain more playing time based on his maturity, attitude, participation and progress in practice.

Why is there a draft for teams?
In reality, this is not a true "draft," but we do split up teams when we have a large number of players participating. The league by-laws state "Each football team must consist of a minimum of 14 eligible players and a maximum of 40 players per team." Unless there are special circumstances, every child willing to participate will.

My child has decided not to participate. Are the registration fees refundable?
Registration fees are refundable if the player is withdrawn before the first game. To be eligible for a refund, a letter requesting the refund must be received by the coach or the GYFA Board of Directors before commencement of the first game. Please include your name, address, child's name, and the child's team. Refunds will not be sent until all issued equipment has been returned. Correspondence to the GYFA Board of Directors should be submitted to GYFA, PO. Box 18, Glastonbury, CT 06033.


Please note: The only cleat allowed in our league is soft molded plastic. The cleats with screw-on spikes are NOT ALLOWED IN OUR LEAGUE.

Regarding epi-pens, inhalers, and other rescue medications: if your child is unable to administer it themself, a parent MUST be present during all practices and games. Coaches and other parents can not administer them.

A few rules put in place by the Town of Glastonbury, Parks & Recreation and Glastonbury Public Schools, Community Use of Facilities Guidelines:

On school property (All Fields):

  • Tobacco use of any type is not allowed.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any type are not allowed.
  • Dogs or other animals must be leashed and any deposits promptly picked up.
  • No parking in unauthorized areas or fire lanes.

On the Turf Field:

  • Colored drinks are not allowed, Gatorade, PowerAde etc…
  • Entering and exiting the field should be done at designated crossing areas.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed within the fenced area during a function or game.
  • Access to the filming area of the press box must have prior approval.

Thank you for understanding that we need to keep the facilities we are using safe, clean and healthy for all to enjoy.