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Glastonbury Youth Football does not exist without its FOOTBALL MOMS.


DID YOU KNOW That HALF of Football representatives on the GYFA board are comprised of FOOTBALL MOMS?



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This is how you know when you Became a Football Mom (even if they do not play...yet)...

When your child was born someone said , “Whoa, you got yourself a linebacker there!”   

As your child grew you watch them interact with the world and wonder, "is this kid shooting an audition video for Johnny Knoxville's Jacka$$?  How did he even climb to the top of the playscape?"  

You finally resign yourself to the fact that YOU have a football player living under your roof.  So now what???? 

Flag Football Mom

Our flag program is a developmental program for Kindergarten and First grade players.  "Wait.  I thought soccer was my only option."  Once you start you will instantly became a football mom. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. Five and Six-year-olds running all over the place, trying to follow directions, catch balls and pull flags. They love playing football.

Take the plunge and cherish the Gifts of Being a Football Mom

Heart Bursting Pride

As a mom, you’re always proud of your kids. But when you witness your child busting their butt and trying so hard at something, your heart bursts with pride.  

When you see the GUARDIAN name on the back of their jersey, your heart bursts with pride.  

When they put their team's goals ahead of their own goals, your heart bursts with pride.

When they make the catch, the touchdown, the block or the tackle, your heart bursts with pride.  

When they help a fallen player, your heart bursts with pride. 

When they catch the game-winning interception in the second overtime, your heart bursts with pride.  

When they come to hug or fist bump you after the game, your heart bursts with pride.  

When the coach tells you your they are a good kid (not just an athlete but a good KID), your heart bursts with pride. 

Humbling Humility

On the other side of pride is humility, and it’s an important lesson.  

Webster’s definition of humility: freedom from pride or arrogance: the quality or state of being humble.

When they miss the tackle that results in the game-winning touchdown for the other team, you’re deeply humbled.  

When they drop the perfect pass, you’re deeply humbled.  

When they fumble the ball, you’re deeply humbled.

When they snicker disrespectfully at the referee, you’re deeply humbled.  

When they are not the best team player, you’re deeply humbled.  

Eye-Opening Empathy

Along with humility comes empathy.  

When they make a mistake, you feel their humility and disappointment in every cell of your body.  

When you see their head down, you fight back the tears.  

When they shuffle slowly off the field, you feel the weight on his shoulders.  

Football starts during the hottest months of the summer. When you see them in full pads and helmet, working their butt off, you feel every drop of sweat.    

Your People 

There is no family like your football famlly.  The shared experience and lessons the kids learn on the field about the importance of teamwork and unity travel to the stands.  The following questions no longer need to be answered when you are a football mom.

Q:  Who do we invite to the birthday parties?  A: The football team

Q:  Who do we go out to dinner with?  A:  The football parents

Q:  Who can give us a hand putting up a playscape?  A:  The football parents

That is right.  You did not even notice it happening, but you wake up and realize I am a FOOTBALL MOM and this is our FOOTBALL FAMILY!