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New Practice Time
by posted 09/27/2022

Good Morning-


A friendly reminder the starting today we have changed the practice start time to 5:30.  Practice will still be 1 hour and end at 6:30.  I look forward to seeing everyone at practice!



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Flag Football Game Schedule
by posted 09/08/2022


Below is the Flag Football Schedule for the season.  In an earlier email I indicated that we would be playing on the High School Turf Field before the first tackle game of the day, and that the starting time woudl be around 8:30.  This year we will be playing on the High School Turf Field but we have been asked to vacate the field 1 hour prior to the first game so the tackle teams can warm-up.  I will be asking kids to arrive at 7:45am for a 8:00am kick off. We are very lucky to have over 45 kids playing this year (last year we had about 25) so we needed to impliment the changes regarding structure on game days. We will be running 3 games on the filed at the same time, so we limit the amount of kids sitting.  Finally, we will be playing 6 on 6 in an effort to get each player plenty of playing time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


On 9/18/22 the first tackle game of the day is at 9am, and rather than have the kids arrive for 6:45am, I have reached out to the league and they have allowed us to get in a "night game" under the lights on 9/17/22 (Saturday).  I am very excited for this opportunity and I think the kids will think its pretty cool to play under the lights. On 9/17 we have the field from 5:30 to 7pm  We will warm up from 5:30pm to 6pm and kickoff will be at 6pm.


9/11/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

9/17/22: 5:30pm arrival game from 6pm to 7pm

9/25/22:  7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

10/2/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

10/9/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

10/16/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

10/23/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am

10/30/22: 7:45am arrival, game from 8 to 9am (Last year we allowed the kids to wear thier Halloween costumes and they loved it.  We will do the same thing this year)

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